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Priscilia Kheng (born 1989, Singapore) graduated from NAFA in 2009 and received her Degree in Fine Arts from Glasgow School of Art, UK in 2014. Following the graduation, she took the opportunity to be an Artist-in-Residence in Glasgow, where Priscilia developed her art practice with an interest in painting within a contemporary art context.

She has participated in several group exhibitions both locally and abroad. In early 2015, she participated in “After Printmaking” at Lim Hak Tai Gallery in Singapore. Proceeding May, she took part in “Affordable Art FAir.” HongKong with Artist Alliance and later, another group exhibition “Phoenix Bursary Exhibition”, Reid Gallery in Glasgow, UK.

Priscilia’s interest revolves around the theme of the human condition and the experience marketed in today’s society, taking reference from her surrounding. Her works mine the gap between the realm of memories and everyday experiences, creating situations that may have actually taken place or just a scene from her dream. The ambiguous narratives she creates offer evocative moments for the viewers to escape from the mundane reality of life. She hopes to continue evolving her practice, and contribute to the critical discourse of contemporary visual arts in Singapore.